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CRD works in the trade of modern commercial kitchen equipment, including: UVTECH – Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Hood System, UNIHOOD – UV Photolysis Grease-Removal System. UNICHEF – Recirculation Hood System, UNIFLOW – Commercial Kitchen Drainage System and SYNERGY – UL Certified Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System.

SYNERGY UL300 Listed Kitchen Fire Suppression System

SWASTIK SYNERGY is a leading manufacturer for fire fighting equipment and system. “SYNERGY” is one of the first in Asia to be certified with the UL 300 standard for its fully automatic commercial kitchen fire suppression system targeting oil fires. Synergy aims to produce quality and safe Fire Fighting Equipment to our customers. We are committed to provide service that meets customer’s expectations and specifications. With the commitment to provide full satisfaction to our customers, timely delivery shall be done.


UL Standard

Our products are strictly tested to UL standards to protect your commercial kitchen.


Product meet the NFPA requirements to ensure that pre-engineered wet chemical fire extinguishing systems will function as intended.

24 Hour Protection

An automatic detection and actuation controls ensures protection is always on

Minimal Downtime

Very easy to wipe of chemical, clean the equipment and restart your kitchen

Unobtrusive Design

Flexible piping configurations allows for a streamlined design and convenient installation that will not interfere with kitchen workflow

Overlapping Design

Gives the convenience of shuffling cooking range order

Manual Activation

The manual release allows an activation of the system at the first sign of fire, even before it is automatically released

Non Toxic

It does not release toxic vapours during discharge. It is ideal for the protection of normally occupied premises

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